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Home Care By Safe Home Management
Relax. Your home is in good hands. Safe Home Management is owned and operated by professionals with extensive real estate experience. We offer home watch services to homes Boca Raton, Parkland and the surrounding areas of South Florida.  Home watch is a professional alternative to home sitting: no more having someone live in your home, no more relying on friends and neighbors to take care of your property for you while you’re away. We understand the challenges and concerns absentee homeowners face. We provide a level of service that not only provides peace of mind your home is secure in your absence, but maximizes your enjoyment while you’re in residence.

Vacation Homes Need Love and Attention Too!

Security systems can’t call the plumber, cleaners, painters, gardeners, service or maintenance repairmen. House sitters don’t have the expertise or experience to spot issues before they become large problems. Leave the tedious home maintenance to a professional house manager. With packages starting at just $49 per week, protecting your home investment is a breeze.

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