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AirBNB in South Florida

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Notably, South Florida, Boca Raton to Miami in particular, is a hot pick for estate investors right now. When it comes to the best investment strategy, hosting your property on Airbnb is the most profitable choice. With a median property price of roughly $4k, monthly rental incomes of $2,353, and a comparative monthly Airbnb income of $2,774, there’s solid evidence suggesting that South Florida Airbnb investments are the way to go.

South Florida real estate is expensive, but sales are going up across all sectors. With a low-interest rate and cash return, South Florida investment properties are offering an excellent return on investment. Many are still on the hype train of flipping long-term rentals. This has only heightened due to more and more people moving to South Florida following some tax reforms. For investors, there’s a huge market that’s driving Airbnb profits.

Airbnb South Florida offers a better return on investment than long-term rental properties. This is especially true when looking at the numbers alone, thanks to a higher rental income. This is not to mention better cap rate and cash on return rate and that’s largely because of the tourist market.

South Florida is and will continue to be, for a long time, a huge-tourist hotspot. The internet has changed how tourism works too. Every season brings brand new hot spots, including over 1,000 parks, national parks, sports events, cruise line ships, and an ever-shifting cultural heart.

People are visiting South Florida in record-breaking numbers, as shown by occupancy rates of over 50% in most of the top South Florida Airbnb neighborhoods. That’s a rate that’s simply unheard of in many other cities.

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