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Free Grocery pick up


Free Grocery Pick Up

Are you newly moving to Boca Raton and are wondering how to get groceries and supplies ahead of your arrival? Maybe you're returning to your Boca Raton property after a holiday or business trip, and you need to fill your fridge with food items the same day you return, don't fret.

Red Pepper

With the new "free grocery pick-up service" by

Safe Home Management, you can now take groceries pick-up off your arrival day to-do list. We will help you pick up paid shopping bags of groceries and food items from whole food stores or Publix and fill your fridge so that you can enjoy your favorite delicacy without worrying about the stress of going to pick

up groceries.


All you need to do is purchase all the items online from Publix or Whole Foods, and we'd pick them up and fill your fridge, helping you save time and money. You shouldn't have to eat out or settle for Ubereats when you move into your new Boca Raton home or return to your property after some time when you're a Safe Home Management client.

Safe Home Management

Moving to a new home or returning to your property after time away comes with a lot of stress. Let's help you relieve some of the stress by running swift grocery pick-up and stocking errands while you focus on your journey home.


Our Packages

Our food/grocery pick-up service comes in two packages, each designed for specific groups of our members – weekly members and bi-weekly members.

Weekly members (Active Members) Package

We will pick up paid shopping bags of groceries and food items for all Safe Home Management weekly clients free of charge. If you're a weekly member and you'd be returning to your property anytime soon, rest assured that you can have your fridge filled with your favorite groceries ahead of your arrival
without lifting a finger. Simply shop the items, and we'd pick up the shopping bags, bring them home, unpack them, and
carefully organize them in your fridge. We will have your groceries ready for your arrival, fresh and well arranged.

Bi-Weekly Members Package

Our bi-weekly members can also enjoy our groceries pick-up service but at a nominal fee of $10. The fee serves as a fuel charge, and our bi-weekly clients also get to enjoy a high-quality service. Once you complete your grocery shopping on Publix or whole foods, we will pick up the shopping bags and take them down to your home. We'll unpack the bags and arrange their content in your fridge so you can come home to a fridge full of all your favorite food items.

Why Leverage Our
Grocery Pick-up Service?

1. It Saves Time

Our pick-up service helps you save time as we do all the driving, unpacking, and arrangements for you. Now you can use your time for more crucial things or to focus on the trip and enjoy your journey to Boca Raton, knowing that Safe Home Management got you covered.

2. It Relieves Stress

You don't want to embark on another 2-3 hours journey just to pick up your shopping bags after several hours of driving to Boca Raton. And besides the stress of going to get the shopping bags from the supermarket, you also have to deal with unpacking and arranging their items in your fridge, which can be a lot of work. With Safe Home Management, you no longer have to worry about any of these as we
will handle all the hassle from start to finish for free or at a nominal fee.

3. You get what you want

For individuals who prefer homemade meals for health or culinary reasons, you don't have to give up your favorite dishes, even if it's your first day in Boca Raton. We will help you stock up your fridge so you can delight your taste buds with your preferred meals.


These are just a few reasons why joining Safe Home Management is the smart move for your home, and your peace-of-mind.

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