Best Home Watch Service in Boca Raton by Safe Home Management


Your Neighor's Choice of Home Watch Services in Boca Raton and Surrounding Areas

You can leave your home knowing that Safe Home Management is equipped to handle  all situations and will be your advocate while you are away. 

Protect yourself from opening the door to your South Florida vacation home or rental property and finding a broken pipe, air conditioning that isn’t working or storm damage. Our Boca Raton home watch services provides South Florida “Snowbirds” and investment property owners with peace of mind that comes with knowing that we are maintaining and protecting their homes while away.  In the event of a needed repair, you’ll receive a prompt call from our team and information about solving the problem.

We also offer cleanup up services and home watch services for your South Florida rental property. Home watch customers can count on renters walking in to a clean and trouble free environment.  Owners in many South Florida communities count on us to be their eyes and ears for their investment property. If needed when your renter leaves, Safe Home Management can provide you with a copy of the report. This report is valuable, especially if you are holding a security deposit.

Best Home Watch Service in Boca Raton by Safe Home Management
Best Home Watch Service in Boca Raton by Safe Home Management
Best Home Watch Service in Boca Raton by Safe Home Management

Having your residence checked routinely often saves costly repairs and keeps those little surprises from turning into big ones. Each time we are at your home we will leave a completed checklist of our visit showing what was checked and any recommendations for home maintenance. Our home watch services in Boca Raton consists of a multi-point checklist that can be customized to suit your needs. Whether you choose our standard or premier house watch  services, contact us or let us create a custom Home Watch package for you, We will protect your property – today and every day that you are away. 

Advantage of Home Watch

  • Prevent intruders by creating a frequent presence.

  • Prevent major water damages or leaks in your home

  • Prevent a full mailbox with unpaid invoices.

  • Prevent insects infestations inside your property

  • Prevent power outages and flipped breakers

  • Prevent your pool from turning green

Best Home Watch Service in Boca Raton by Safe Home Management
Best Home Watch Service in Boca Raton by Safe Home Management
Wind storm

Additional Boca Raton Home Watch Services

Storm Preparedness

Boca Raton Storm Preparedness

Notably, over the last few years, we definitely have had a new experience with all the brutal weather. Peace of mind comes with you knowing that your home is being looked after by the home watch professionals at Safe Home Management during hurricane seasons.

Safe Home Management can manage the vendors you hire to get your home secure as possible before a hurricane. Knowing your home is safe as soon as the storm has passed will help ease your fears. If there is damage or work that needs to be done, we are here and ready to go to get things back in order.

Arrivals & Departures image

Arrival & Departure Inspections

The whole reason to have a vacation home is to relax and enjoy where you are. Nobody wants to come into town and have to deal with opening up your home and getting it ready to use. 

And nobody wants to have to feel like their trip is just that much shorter because of all that needs to be done to close up the house when your visit is over. By subscribing to our home watch services, Safe Home Management save you time and help you to get more enjoyment out of your property. We can handle getting your home ready for your arrival, from making sure your vehicle is ready to go, to stocking the pantry, uncovering the grill and all the other ‘little things’.

When you’re ready to leave, just leave it to us. Never wonder if you left the water running or locked all the doors. We will make sure everything is back in order after our home check and that your home is once again safe, clean and secure.

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