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Car Concierge Services in Boca Ratone



We offer car concierge services to individual home owners in South Florida such as showing up, detailing vehicles, parking back in the garage, without bothering you or interfering with your personal life.

Advantage of Car Concierge Services

  • Retain the Value of Your Vehicle.

  • Stain Removal and Prevention.

  • Disinfect Vehicle Surfaces.

  • Protect Upholstery for Environmental Damage.

  • Keep Allergies at Bay.

  • Prevent Flat Spots

Car Concierge Services in Boca Ratone
Car Concierge Services in Boca Ratone
Car Concierge Services in Boca Ratone

Stage 1 Detail

Interior Component

    Full interior cleaning is completed and held to a very high standard. Vacuuming and cleaning all applicable areas in the vehicle. UV protectant applied to trim pieces. Windows cleaned.
No stone is left unturned. 

Exterior Component

 We start off by cleaning every part of the wheel, inside and out. The tires are cleaned as well. Car is presoaked to loosen up dirt and grime, then washed carefully top to bottom, one panel at a time, rising out microfiber washing pad after each panel. This ensures that we prevent any foreign matter/abrasives potentially stuck in the pad from being picked up on the vehicle, potentially causing micro-swirls. The vehicle is then blow-dried. For our base detail, we apply a layer of a synthetic spray sealant. Windows cleaned. Door jams are cleaned and also receive a layer
of our synthetic sealant.
Tires are dressed neatly.

Car Concierge Services in Boca Ratone

Stage 2 Detail

Interior Component

The same basic steps are applied as such from our Stage 1 detail, however, here we dive deeper. All leather surfaces/applicable surfaces are completely restored as close as new and treated with a leather conditioner serum. The steering wheel is removed of all grime, which builds up over time from potential grime/dirt/sweat from hands. The middle console, glove box, and all hidden containment areas are fully vacuumed and cleaned. Every plastic piece that is in direct contact with the sun is treated with a water-based UV protectant as well. Steam cleaning producers are also used if needed. Upon request, we can add one of our lasting car scents. This detail we try to not only restore your interior, but now we bring it to showroom quality. 

Exterior Component

 Our Stage 2 exterior treatment is a very deep exterior exfoliation. This package includes most the steps used in the Stage 1 detail but includes a few new key features. After the wash of a Stage 2 Detail, we clay bar the whole surface of the exterior paint (if needed). Clay barring will remove most embedded materials in the clear coat such as iron deposits, tar, bug splatter, and all elements of environmental fallout upon the paint. Once dried after decontamination, we then go panel by panel with our random orbital polisher (RUPES LHR15 MK3) and apply a one-step sealant and polish (RUPES Uno Protect). This is essential a one-step polish that corrects minor swirl marks as well as removes acidic burns and hard watermarks. It also serves as a sealant, which will provide slickness, hydrophobic properties, and a very deep, wet look to the paint. This is highly recommended for getting your paint back on track if it is not frequently maintained OR if you are looking to get a deep shine back after improper wash methods
( machine car washing ).


Car Buffer

Stage 3 Detail

Our Stage 3 Detail offers a range of paint correction applications,
from 70% correction all the way until 95% correction. This can potentially be a multi-day job so please contact us with any and all questions regarding this type of detail. 

       Ceramic coating application is available upon request. We are trained and skilled in applying Gtechniq's Crystal Serum Light, as well as their EXO V4 Topcoat.
A garage is required to complete this detail.

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