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Flologic and SafeHome Management keep your peace of mind with automatic water shutoff solutions

Premium plumbing leak detection and automatic shutoff solution for those
who don’t compromise. 

Safe Home Management

SafeHome Management + FloLogic – The Smart Solution for Leak Control

At SafeHome Management, we use FloLogic's cutting-edge technology, designed to proactively identify and automatically stop leaks of all sizes as soon as they begin, making it the ultimate choice for leak control. With the EverWatch™ flow-sensing technology, even tiny leaks as small as 1/2 ounce-per-minute are continuously detected throughout your entire plumbing supply. It's crucial to catch small leaks early, as undetected they can cause significant damage over time, and standard low-cost leak detectors may miss them. FloLogic stands apart with its real-time 24/7 monitoring using a flow sensor that surpasses the sensitivity of traditional water meters.


The Need for Smart Water Control

As absentee homeowners, protecting our vacant properties from potential risks is a top priority. Among the most concerning and often overlooked threats is water damage caused by leaks, bursts, or undetected plumbing leaks. Whether you live in your home or own a vacant property, water-related disasters can lead to devastating consequences, including financial losses and emotional distress.


Traditional water monitoring methods may not offer the level of protection and peace of mind needed to safeguard our homes effectively. This is why there is a need for smart water control technology.


Smart water control is more than just a convenience; it’s a crucial investment in safeguarding a home from potential water disasters. Here are some of the reasons why smart water control is becoming an essential aspect of modern home management:

  1. Real-time monitoring & Control

  2. Early leak detection

  3. Water Conservation

  4. Immediate action

FloLogic's EverWatch™ technology goes above and beyond by continuously monitoring every aspect of your plumbing supply, from minute pinhole-size leaks to high-flow incidents. It functions seamlessly with your daily water usage patterns, and any deviation that indicates a leak is instantly detected. When a leak is identified, the water supply is automatically shut off according to your Home or Away settings, and you are immediately notified through the user-friendly app.

Keeping your home safe is SafeHome Management's top priority, no matter where you are. And with the FloLogic mobile app, it ensures you stay informed with instant alerts about any abnormal water activity, critically low temperatures, or auto-shutoffs. You can conveniently forward this vital information to plumbers, caretakers, or emergency contacts. Whether you're at home or miles away, the app allows you to control your water supply, adjust settings, and check flow status with a simple tap on your smartphone.





FloLogic is installed in the pipe where water enters the property.

Smart Home

FloLogic’s EverWatch™ technology constantly monitors every facet of the plumbing supply to catch virtually all leaks, from small pinhole-size to high flow leaks.


Typical water use occurs in intervals. Leaks cause a continuous flow. They are automatically stopped as soon as flow times violate your Home or Away settings. You are notified immediately through the app.

Benefits of FloLogic & Home Watch Services

Early Leak Detection: If you've experienced water leak issues before, you know early detection is key. FloLogic can help you maintain insurance coverage and ensure your property remains protected from future water-related disasters.

Homeowners: Seeking peace of mind? FloLogic safeguards your home 24/7, potentially qualifying you for insurance premium discounts, while providing continuous monitoring for leaks.

FloLogic & Safe Home Management
provides absolute peace of mind.


Protects against the cost, lost property and despair of plumbing leaks

icon water drop

Detects virtually all supply leaks in real time, regardless of pipe size, unlike other systems that miss small leaks or use guesswork algorithms

icon sound

The FloLogic app sends remote notifications and provides complete water control via smartphone or tablet, while battery backup and local control ensures protection during power and internet outages 

icon professional

Is recommended by home insurance, plumbing, security professionals and Safe Home Management

icon money

Qualifies for insurance premium discounts from many companies

Safe Home Management

In the event of a needed repair, you’ll receive a prompt call from our team and information about solving the problem.

FloLogic system with iPhone

Smart Leak Control Provides Constant Protection and Connection

FloLogic has been revolutionizing leak control technology since 2000. Today’s FloLogic System offers premium engineering and exclusive technology for property owners who demand superior plumbing system oversight.

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