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House Sitter or Home Watch Professionals for your South Florida Home?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The cooler weather of the north can be a pleasant break from the South Florida summer heat. But what will you do to protect your South Florida home from the summer conditions? Do you ever worry about storm damage, water issues, or air conditioning problems during your absence? What about your landscapers and pool company? Are they really taking care of things while you’re away?

Your South Florida home is a major investment, whether it is a single-family residence, a townhome, or a condo. As you leave it for the summer, or vacation, or business travel, how do you know your home will be in good hands while you are away? Nothing ruins a vacation faster than returning to your paradise retreat and discovering it has been damaged or in need of mold remediation.

There are two different types of services that you can consider here in South Florida for protecting your home during your absence. It is to your advantage to understand the difference between a house sitter and a South Florida Home Watch service.

A house sitter is someone who lives in your home while you are away. People who use this type of service frequently have pets they prefer to leave at home rather than board. The sitter will give your home that “lived-in look” which can help deter criminals. However, some people prefer not to use this service because they do not know how a sitter will use the home during their absence. How well do you know the sitter? Can you trust them to care for and protect your piece of paradise? Is there any cost savings for you since a sitter will be using your electricity, water, and other facilities while you are away?

In contrast, a South Florida Home Watch service checks your home periodically while you are away and provides status reports on its condition. The best Home Watch service in South Florida will be someone who is insured, bonded, and accredited to recognize indicators of vandalism, air conditioning issues, leaking pipes, insect infestation, or other damaging conditions.

Home Watch reports emailed to you after each visit let you know everything checks out or they provide early alerts to issues that could lead to greater damages and costly repairs. A Home Watch company in South Florida will often manage the issues on your behalf using contractors you specify or will be able to identify tradesmen from their trusted network.

Many people are recognizing the value of a Home Watch service over using a neighbor or a sitter for their South Florida home. When selecting a South Florida home watch service, make sure you hire a company that is discreet, dependable, and trustworthy. Look no further than Safe Home Management whose owners have years of property protection.

While you are away, let Safe Home Management be your Most Trusted Neighbor to serve as your advocate and protect your piece of paradise from damage and unforeseen events.

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