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Which Homes Need a Home Watch Service in South Florida? Your Questions Answered!

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

A South Florida home watch service is similar to a home inspection service in South Florida — but unlike ones you’ve probably heard of before. They don’t inspect homes that people are getting ready to purchase — instead, they investigate (or watch) your vacation homes while you're away from South Florida. We would say that when you hire a Safe Home Management expert, you are getting another pair of eyes — but that would be selling your "home guardians" short!

A South Florida home watch professional does so much more than watch your house in South Florida. From making sure your pool water is clean to ensuring that a passing storm didn’t do any damage to your South Florida vacation home, services can be customized to meet your particular needs.

Some people prefer a detailed and thorough inspection of their home while they’re away, while others may want a general “look over” of their house. Either way, a reliable home watch or home concierge service in South Florida will provide a customized plan that fits your specific desires. Whether you are rarely at your second home — or you're in South Florida quite a bit — they will make a personalized plan for you. How do you know if your home needs a home watch professional in South Florida? Read on to learn more!

Who Benefits from a South Florida Home Watch Service?

A South Florida home watch service benefits anyone who owns a second house in South Florida. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people may have a home in South Florida — and why this service would be such an asset to have!


If you’re like many who own a second home in South Florida, this gorgeous state provides the ideal scenery for a vacation home. With crystal clear, deep-blue water and sparkling sandy beaches, you have your own slice of paradise. A vacation property in South Florida is ideal since the weather is incredible year-round.

A South Florida vacation home is a luxury to own, but it can be stressful if you don’t have the assurance that it’s in good hands while you're back home. With a South Florida home watch or home concierge service, you have control over the care of your home – even from abroad!


Maybe you’re retired, and you have plenty of free time to enjoy the life you've worked so hard for. You may have family in other parts of the country that you want to be near. However, every winter, you get a chill in your bones and a craving for some sweet sunshine. Who wants to deal with cold winters or the treacherous driving conditions of icy, snow-covered roads? That’s why you choose to have a beautiful home on this paradise. You’re a "snowbird" — and proud!

However, for most of the year, you won’t be occupying your retreat — and you’ll need a reliable team to make sure it’s well maintained. Your home watch team in South Florida is on-call to give your house the tender, loving care it needs during the long off-season.

Job Travel

You may have an exciting job that takes you all over the world! Some people enjoy these types of jobs and are made for the adventurous life. Some jobs require traveling for an extended amount of time — maybe a month. You may have to leave your beautiful home in South Florida as part of that jet-setting lifestyle.

Given that you may not know when you’ll need to leave the South Florida home until a week or days beforehand, having an inspection service in South Florida that is ready at a moment’s notice means that your property will be well cared for until your return from abroad.

The Benefits of a South Florida Home Watch or Concierge Service Are Clear!

Whatever your reasons are for having a second home in South Florida, you will reap the benefits of the inspection services offered by Safe Home Concierge or Home Watch service in South Florida. Whether you want detailed service or the bare minimum, we will customize a service plan to meet your lifestyle.

Additionally, we will update you right away if something does go wrong with your property in South Florida, and they will help you reach a solution — no matter how far away you are from South Florida.

As a company that's been serving South Florida, Safe Home Management has a trusted, reliable network of contractors who can take care of any job your home may require to stay pristine in your absence.

If you own a home in South Florida — but aren’t there all the time — then we’d love to hear from you. Curious about what you can expect from us? CONTACT US DIRECT!

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