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Why You Should Hire a Home Watch Professional for your South Florida Home?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Do you have multiple homes that you stay at during different times of the year? As a seasonal resident, do you worry about your vacant home in South Florida? By hiring a home watch professional in South Florida, these worries will go away and allow you to fully enjoy the moment. You may think that you have security cameras or a dependable neighbor who walks by your South Florida home periodically, and therefore have no need for a professional home watch company in South Florida. However, this doesn’t give you any information on what’s going on inside the house. Did the air conditioner stop working? Is your water heater leaking? Does your refrigerator need a repair before you arrive back home for the season? These are valuable questions your home watch advisor in South Florida can help give you the answers to.

“Who Can I Trust?”

This question is both common and well-warranted. There are all kinds of scammers and people who take advantage of vulnerability out there. The last thing you need is someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart while you’re a long car ride or flight away. So, how should you choose a home watch company in South Florida?

Safe Home Management put together a list of credentials you should know before giving someone your keys:

  • Is the company/person trained? There is, in fact, training for home watching.

  • Do they have a “real”, fully credentialed business? Is it an individual you found online or is it a legitimate business with someone in charge if things go south?

  • Does the company have insurance? If they’re legit, they’ll have insurance. After all, they’re watching people’s homes, not just watering plants.

  • Are they background checked? This one often gets overlooked when you depend on your neighbor’s teenage kid to check on things while you’re gone. There’s nothing wrong with trusting your neighbor, but why place something as important as your South Florida home watch in a neighbor’s hands for months at a time?

  • Is this a business or a hobby? Does the person watching your South Florida home just enjoy getting some side cash while doing a walk-through of your home once a month or do they know exactly what to look for when consistently checking on your home in South Florida?

Request a free Service Agreement quote or call us at 561.888.9860 to learn more!

Visit our blog page for other home watch tips for your South Florida property.


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