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Safe Home Management is proud to announce its official partnership with IC Realtime, a prominent manufacturer of state-of-the-art surveillance products. With IC Realtime's inception in 2006, the company swiftly rose to the forefront of the digital surveillance sector, establishing itself as an innovative trailblazer. This collaboration enables Safe Home Management to offer cutting-edge surveillance solutions to our clients, ensuring top-tier security measures for homes and businesses. Through our expertise and the unmatched quality of IC Realtime's products, we are dedicated to providing professional and reliable surveillance services for a safer environment.


CCTV cameras are an essential component of modern security systems, boasting state-of-the-art technology that sets them apart from traditional surveillance methods. These advanced cameras provide real-time monitoring and high-resolution footage, ensuring maximum protection for individuals and properties. With their sophisticated design and cutting-edge features, CCTV cameras offer peace of mind and efficient surveillance solutions for a wide range of settings, from commercial offices to residential neighborhoods.

Smart Home

Implementing a CCTV smart home system offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing security and peace of mind. With a range of smart devices available, from smart doorbells to floodlights and more, you can seamlessly monitor and record activities both indoors and outdoors. The ability to store recordings on a DVR or the cloud provides added convenience and accessibility, ensuring that your home is well-protected at all times. By incorporating these advanced technologies, you can enjoy a heightened sense of security and control over your living space.


CCTV DVRs and NVRs are cutting-edge recorders essential for high-quality video surveillance systems. These state-of-the-art recorders play a crucial role in storing, managing, and accessing recorded footage efficiently. DVRs, digital video recorders, use a hard drive to store video footage from analog cameras, while NVRs, network video recorders, work with IP cameras and store data on a separate network-attached storage device. With their advanced technology and features, CCTV DVRs and NVRs provide businesses and homes with top-notch security solutions for keeping an eye on their premises.


When it comes to setting up a CCTV system, utilizing the right accessories can make a significant difference in ensuring a seamless and stress-free installation process. From mounting brackets and extension cords to cable management tools and weatherproof housings, having the correct CCTV accessories at your disposal is crucial for achieving a professional and reliable setup. These accessories not only enhance the overall functionality of your surveillance system but also contribute to its durability and effectiveness. By investing in quality CCTV accessories designed for better installation, you can elevate the performance and efficiency of your security system while ensuring a hassle-free setup experience.

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