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4 Ways EV Owners Can Benefit from Home Watch Services

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Owning an Electric Vehicle is a feeling that almost anyone would love to experience. The convenience, efficiency, and unquantifiable contribution to carbon footprint reduction that they offer make them the favorite transportation tool for most people, especially residents of Boca Raton where these EVs are a popular thing. Despite all these benefits, owning an EV also has its challenges, particularly for absentee owners who often leave them unattended in their garage for extended periods.

That said, the story is different for absentee owners who work with home watch services like Safe Home Management. They enjoy a wide range of services - including EV maintenance services - provided by professional home watch companies.

Below Are Four Ways EV Owners Can Benefit From Utilizing Home Watch Services:

1. Remote Management of charging infrastructure

A leading benefit that expert home watch services provide for EV owners is the remote monitoring and management of their charging infrastructure. Whether you're looking to install a new charging infrastructure or you want to maintain your existing system, home watch professionals can take care of the stress as they work closely with expert EV technicians who know their onions. With such services provided, charging your EV is a breeze. You can easily track charging progress, receive notifications, and even remotely start or stop charging sessions using a smartphone app or web interface. Having such a level of control gives peace of mind to EV owners, and allows them to enjoy their machines optimally.

2. Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections

Although EVs require less maintenance when compared to combustion engines, regular maintenance is still a requirement to ensure your EV remains in optimal condition. A professional home watch company like Safe Home Management can help EV owners by scheduling routine maintenance tasks, especially those who frequently travel out of town leaving their EVs behind. The routine maintenance covers areas like tire rotations, brakes, battery checks, etc.

3. Emergency Response

For homeowners who have multiple residences, monitoring their EVs and responding to a need in their home can be challenging. For instance, in an emergency such as a power outage or other unexpected issue that affects the home's electrical system, charging your EV becomes a problem when you return, also, other systems like your HVAC are down. A home watch service can provide prompt support by ensuring that the fault is rectified almost immediately to keep your home running for your return.

4. Security and Surveillance

Owning an Electric Vehicle is a significant financial commitment. Choosing green transportation doesn't come cheap, from the cost of purchasing the electric car to the home EV owners' charging equipment. Due to this, EV owners typically require adequate security to ensure the safety of their investments. Luckily, home watch services that have incorporated EV services into their home watch inspection checklist, such as Safe Home Management, can keep both your home and your EV safe and functional. They monitor security cameras and motion sensors, perform security inspections, and so much more.

In conclusion, home watch services provide a range of benefits for EV owners. With a company like Safe Home Management, you can enjoy up to three months of free charging at any supercharger in the world when you purchase a new Tesla EV via this referral link, created for us by Valery(one of our home watch clients).

By leveraging the expertise and resources of home watch professionals, EV owners can enhance the reliability, efficiency, and convenience of green transportation and enjoy greater peace of mind.


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