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Boca Raton Home Watch Services FAQs

Home Watch Customer Support

1. What is home watch all about?

Home watch is all about visually inspecting a home or property when the owners are away in order to detect any apparent issues. Seasonal residents and vacation rental property owners spend most of their time away from their properties and thus wouldn't know what's

going on inside. Is there a faulty appliance that needs repair? Has your plumbing work developed a fault? Have lake flies overtaken your pool while you're away? All these and many more are some of the things home watch services like Safe Home Management help to prevent or mitigate. When there's an obvious issue, home watch service providers have well-trained professionals to handle them and keep your property in the best condition.

2. Why do I need a home watch service?

You don't want to be far away on an important trip for a considerable period only to spend most of your time worrying about the condition of your property. If anything goes wrong, you can't realize it until you're back home. Imagine returning to find out your HVAC system is down or the storms have wreaked damage; it's obvious that the environment will be uncomfortable.

You need a reliable home watch company like Safe Home Management to prevent or solve any issues with your home. This will help you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is safe and in the best condition at all times.

3. What do you do during a home watch visit?

During a home watch visit, we inspect your home to ensure you don't have:

  • security issues

  • weather and water damages

  • pest problems

  • problems with heating and cooling systems

  • plumbing issues

  • electrical system challenges

  • pool and landscape issues

  • storm preparations problems

We also help you run certain appliances from time to time to ensure they're in good shape.

4. Can I trust all the members of your home watch company?

Yes. Safe Home Management conducts thorough background and criminal checks before bringing anyone into the team. You can trust all our team members, as we are dedicated to providing maximum protection for your property.

5. Why not rely on my neighbor to watch my property?

Neighbors can offer extra security for your home, but they can't replace the need for home watch services. Your neighbors have other engagements too, so they will often watch your home from across the street or take a quick look inside at best.

And even if they dedicate some hours to your property, they may not have the experience and expertise to properly inspect your home and detect potential damage. Also, during an emergency, your neighbor may be unavailable or out of town, leaving your valuables at risk. However, home watch companies like Safe Home Management are always available

24/7 to protect your property.

6. Is Home Watch a security service?

While some confuse a home watch for a security service, it's not. Home watch primarily focuses on ensuring the smooth running of your property while you're away. Nonetheless, the presence of home watch professionals can create a visible presence in your home, which deters any criminal activities. Also, Home Watch experts are usually in close contact with local law enforcement and emergency services, so they can raise the alarm should the need arise.

7. Do you offer personalized services?

Yes. If you have specific needs that are not covered under our general services, we can also cater to them. We want maximum comfort for our clients and can do all kinds of home maintenance jobs, including the petty do-it-yourself services you may need help with.

8. What happens if you find a situation or problem?

If we detect a problem during the inspection, we have well-trained and experienced professionals that can handle virtually all possible challenges in the least time possible while maintaining const-effectiveness. Typically, we'd contact you to immediately discuss the situation alongside necessary images showing exactly what's going on. Afterward, we recommend our course of action and spring into action with your approval.

9. How do you charge?

We charge per visit, and our charges depend on factors such as the duration of the inspection, selection of services, and personalized needs. It's important to note that our services are priced with you in mind as we prioritize quality assurance and satisfaction over low prices with poor-quality delivery.

Have any further questions about home watch and Safe Home Management? We're more than glad to hear from you. Reach out by calling us at 561.888.9860 or schedule your FREE in-home appointment on line.

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