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When it comes to filing property damage claims, there are several things you need to keep in mind. No matter how you are involved in a claim, it’s usually not a fun process. Whether you’re at fault or the person having to deal with repairs, filing a claim can be a headache. Knowing what steps to take will make filing a claim easier for everyone. Here are our most frequently asked questions when it comes to property damage claims.

What is the first thing to do when there is a loss?

Once an incident occurs, make sure everyone is safe and does what is needed to prevent further damage. Make sure to document damages, mitigation efforts, take plenty of photos, and save damaged pipes, sprinkler heads, etc. so the adjuster may inspect.

How can I file a property damage claim?

Contact you claims department and please include the date of loss and a description of the incident. Have all your home or for a building attach affected units or commercial tenants report the loss to their carriers as well.

When can I begin repairs?

Once the adjuster comes out to the property, they will then begin their report to submit to the carrier or examiner for coverage determination. The adjuster may give you the go ahead to begin repairs once the inspection is complete. However, this does not necessarily mean the damages will be covered.

Will this claim be covered?

The carrier is the only one who can determine coverage after a loss. The next step would be to report the claim and have an adjuster come out to inspect the damages.

Why would the building have to put in a claim if the loss occurred in a unit?

Everyone affected by the loss including the units and building should place their carriers on notice. Depending on the governing documents and the policy, repair responsibility can fall on either carrier.

Why is the claim taking so long to settle?

The length of time it takes to adjust a claim varies. The complexity of the claim, the number of units affected, if outside specialists are required (engineers, building consultants) etc. can all affect the length of time.

What is our deductible?

Deductibles vary per policy and some policies can have multiple deductibles. Please your insurance company and ask to speak with your account manager to review your policy information.

What can I do to assist the claim process and get it resolved quickly?

You can report the claim in a timely manner and begin obtaining repair estimates. All governing documents, photos and anything pertaining to the claim should be submitted to the adjuster right away for review. Work with the adjuster throughout the process, allowing access to the affected property.

Will this claim affect our premiums next policy term?

In some cases, it is possible claims can affect your rates/premiums. If you have experienced a loss that requires a claim to be reported, please do not let these concerns prevent you from reporting the claim in a timely manner. We are here to assist you during this often stressful time. To avoid possible mold claims down the road, do not hesitate to report all water damage claims to the carrier as soon as possible.

There are so many moving parts when it comes to filing a property damage claim. Having sufficient insurance coverage to cover the costs of an incident is vital to your business, home or association. Reach out to MACKOUL INSURANCE department today with any questions. Any mold remediation in South Florida contact us here.


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