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Peace of mind while you're away from town.

Safe Home

Do you have your Hillsboro Mile home unoccupied for some parts of the year and require a reliable home watch inspection service to keep an eye on things while you're away?

Look no further! Safe Home Management is here for you!

Leaving your Hillsboro Mile home vacant?

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There are numerous reasons why you might want to leave your Hillsboro Mile property unoccupied for some time. Perhaps you travel frequently for work or spend most of the year in other locations away from South Florida. Some Hillsboro Mile residents even own second homes or properties they only use for part of the year. But, whatever your reasons for moving out of Hillsboro Mile, leaving your property empty and unoccupied for an extended period can be dangerous. Without proper care and attention, these Hillsboro Mile homes can become vulnerable to break-ins, theft, pest infestations, and fire damage that could go unnoticed for extended periods.

That's why it's important to have a professional home watch company like Safe Home Management on your side. We'll keep a watchful eye on your home so you don't have to worry about any of these

potential problems.

Home Watch Inspection Services for Hillsboro Mile Homeowners

Safe Home Management Services for Vacant Homeowners in Hillsboro Mile

Safe Home Management offers the finest home watch and inspection services in Hillsboro Mile. Our watch and inspection services are designed to cater to individuals with vacant properties that require attention while they are away. 

For our local service in Hillsboro Mile, we offer a customizable watch and inspection plan

that is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. All of our services are aimed at ensuring that your property is safe and secure while you are away.


Home Watch and Inspection Services Checklist in Hillsboro Mile

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As the leading vacant home watch and inspection services provider in Hillsboro Mile, Safe Home Management offers services designed to keep your property safe, secure, and well-maintained while you're away. Our services include:

  • Regular inspections of your Hillsboro Mile vacant property to ensure everything is in good working order

  • Coordination of repairs and maintenance as needed

  • Monitoring security systems and ensuring all doors and windows are properly secured

  • Collection of mail, packages, and newspapers

  • Watering of plants and light landscaping

  • Coordination of cleaning services

  • Overall Home maintenance; checking thermostat levels, inspecting HVAC systems, electrical appliances, and more.

  • Check for pests, water leaks, potential threats, storms, etc.

  • Detailed Weekly Reports of routine checks

What are Your Responsibilities After Hiring Us ?

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When you hire Safe Home Management for your Hillsboro Mile vacant home inspection, we take full responsibility for ensuring that your vacant home in Hillsboro Mile is adequately watched on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the plan you're subscribed to.


However, as a Safe Home Management client, there are a few responsibilities

you have after hiring us.


These include:

  • Providing us with access to your property so that we can perform our routine inspections of your Hillsboro Mile vacant home. You can do this by either giving us the keys to your property or by making sure someone is present to let us in. 


  • Ensuring that your utilities are turned on and in working order for smooth inspection of your Hillsboro Mile vacant home.

  • Communicating changes - repairs, renovations, or new security systems - to your Hillsboro Mile vacant home with us ahead of our routine inspections.

  • Maintaining your home insurance protects you against any unforeseen events that may occur while you're away.

  • Renewing your subscription when due in honor of the contract to ensure the adequate inspection of your Hillsboro Mile vacant home while you're out of town.

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Home Watch Inspection Services in Hillsboro Mile FAQ

Does Safe Home Management handle maintenance issues?

Safe Home Management handles minor maintenance issues while conducting home watch inspections. Additionally, we have a network of trusted and reliable general contractors that we can recommend on demand and they can help address issues ranging from air conditioning problems to water leaks, pest control, etc in your Hillsboro Mile vacant home. In addition, we can coordinate with your preferred service providers for more extensive repairs or maintenance needs.

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