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Returning To Your Boca Raton Property? Here's How To Make Your First Day Stress-free

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

If you're returning to your Boca Raton home after some time away, there are two essential things to do to ensure your home is in perfect shape. Failing to consider these two things can make your first day in Boca Raton challenging and tiring rather t

han enjoyable and relaxing. Below are the two things to reduce the stress of the first day or night of your return to Boca Raton.

1. Call For a Thorough Home Inspection

If you already have a professional home watch company in charge of your property, such as Safe Home Management, you may not need to worry about the condition of your home. We keep your property safe and in good shape throughout the times you are absent.

On the other hand, if you don't already have a professional home maintenance company in charge of your house, you might need to call one for a thorough inspection of your home and to fix any damages.

Safe Home Management is the leading home management service provider across the length and breadth of Boca Raton, helping homes remain secure and well

maintained so that homeowners can return to stress free homes. You don't want to return after several months only to find out that your home has plumbing issues or your pool has been overtaken by lake flies.

Safe Home Management will conduct a thorough inspection of your property and ensure all the internal and external parts are functioning optimally. Thus, you wouldn't have to deal with the headache of water leaks, disconnected power due to weather issues, network problems, unkempt lawn, etc.

2. Use Safe Home Management Free Grocery Pick-up Service

Homeowners often face the challenge of getting food items and groceries on their first day or night of return. The stress of driving to Boca Raton after several months away makes it difficult to embark on another 1-2 hours journey to and from the nearest supermarkets.

Luckily, for Safe Home Management clients, the story is different. They can get fresh groceries picked up, brought down to their homes, and arranged in their fridges ahead of their arrival at zero cost.

All you need to do is purchase all the items online from Publix or Whole Foods, and we'd pick them up and fill your fridge, helping you save time and money. You shouldn't have to eat out or settle for Uber eats when you move into a new Boca Raton home or return to your property after some time when you're a Safe Home Management client.

The free grocery pick-up service is a recently launched service by Safe Home Management in a bid to ease clients' stress and make their first day of return as enjoyable as possible. The service comes in two packages designed for weekly and bi-weekly members.

Weekly members (or Active Members) Package

We will pick up paid shopping bags of groceries and food items for all Safe Home Management weekly clients free of charge. If you're a weekly member and you'd be returning to your property anytime soon, rest assured that you can have your fridge filled with your favorite groceries ahead of your arrival without lifting a finger.

Simply shop the items, and we'd pick up the shopping bags, bring them to your home, unpack them, and carefully organize them in your fridge. We will have your groceries ready for your arrival, fresh and well arranged.

Bi-weekly members Package

Our bi-weekly members can also enjoy our groceries pick-up service but at a nominal fee of $10. The fee serves as a gas charge, and our bi-weekly clients also get to enjoy a high-quality service. Once you complete your grocery shopping on Publix or whole foods, we will pick up the shopping bags and take them down to your home.

We'll unpack the bags and arrange their content in your fridge so you can come home to a fridge full of all your favorite food items.

Finally, Safe Home Management is a home watch company widely known to be dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction and comfort. No wonder we have launched this one-of-a-kind free grocery pick-up service to ease the stress of obtaining groceries on the first day of return. Our service helps you save a huge chunk of time and relieves stress so that you can enjoy your best meals without worrying about traveling to pick up groceries upon arrival.


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