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Safe Home Management Free Insurance Policy Review

In Partnership With

Mackoul Risk Solutions Insurance

Insurance Mackoul Group


Are you a new or existing member of Safe Home Management? We're pleased to let you know that you can now enjoy a free insurance policy review by Mackoul Risk Solutions Insurance, our renowned partnered insurance agency in South Florida.

Following our track record of providing unmatched home watch & home concierge services geared toward customer satisfaction in South Florida, Safe Home Management has now partnered with Mackoul Risk Solutions Insurance, an industry-leading insurance broker.

By choosing Safe Home Management for your home watch and maintenance needs, you will not only be giving your property the best protection possible, but you'll now also be getting a professional review of your homeowner's insurance policy for your South Florida home at no extra cost.

Safe Home

Why Insurance Policy Review is Essential for your South Florida Property?

Safe Home Management, in partnership with Mackoul Risk Solutions Insurance, offers the best

Homeowner insurance policy review

Oftentimes, insured homeowners do not get all the credits that are due to them due to a lack of a policy review. However, with the new free policy review service, which comes as an additional benefit for choosing Safe Home Management for your home watch in South Florida, you can make the most of your insurance policy and get all the credits you deserve.

With your policy review done by our renowned insurance partner, you can rest assured

not to miss out on insurance benefits like:


  • Having a full-time caretaker - when you're certain someone is regularly checking your space, chances are you will generate good credit, as the exposure to loss is significantly reduced.

  • Having an Automatic Water Shut-off Device - water leaks can wreak havoc on your property in many ways, such as destroying walls, drywall, ceilings, floors, and many other things.

With an automatic water shut-off device in your home, you or your caretaker will get an instant
notification from the device whenever it detects a water leak. This greatly reduces the risk of loss and
makes your South Florida home safer. Having other necessary devices that reduce or prevent losses installed in your South Florida home can also be helpful.

In many instances, homeowners do not receive the coverage they deserve. Mackoul Risk Solutions Insurance will help review your insurance policy for free to ensure you get the ideal insurance coverage that gives you and your family peace of mind.

Why we have Partnered with Mackoul Risk Solutions?

Being a home management company that's dedicated to providing unique and satisfying services to its clients, we carefully choose our partners to ensure the maintenance of quality and satisfactory service delivery at a higher level.

Mackoul Risk Solutions Insurance is a nationally recognized insurance broker and one of the finest in the industry. Reasons, why we've partnered with Mackoul Risk Solutions Insurance, include:


They are specialists

When it comes to providing professional and personalized insurance policy reviews for properties in
Boca Raton and its environs, Mackoul Risk Solutions Insurance are the specialists to trust.

They treat clients like family

Mackoul Risk Solutions Insurance treat all their clients like family, making them the perfect partner for Safe Home Management as we're known for maintaining a respectful and cordial relationship with our clients.

They are an award-winning agency.

As a recognition for their excellent services, Mackoul Risk Solutions Insurance has received several awards in the insurance industry, making them a trustworthy and reliable partner.

Safe Home Management puts you, our clients, first, and as such, we always want the best for you, and your property in South Florida at all times. If you're wondering why we are the go-to home watch service for homeowners and real estate investors in Boca Raton, it's due to our dedication to client satisfaction and reliability.

Want to start enjoying our free policy review, as well as other benefits?

Sign up with Safe Home Management today, and you can get a free homeowner's policy
review from Mackoul Risk Solutions Insurance for your property in South Florida.

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