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How Our South Florida Home Watch Services Work

Our home watch inspection is a thorough assessment of potential hazards in and around your South Florida home. Potential hazards include anything that could cause personal injury, lead to a fire or flooding in your home, or jeopardize your safety by making it easy for an intruder to enter your home.

Inspector numbers

# 01

Inspector has a personalized code for your home.

This unique code brings up an electronic checklist approved by the home owner and customized for each home.

# 02

Inspection Checklist

Inspection starts once your file is available to the inspector

Home Watch Inspection Checklist
How we work at home watch inspection

 # 03

Inspection In Progress

During the inspection, the inspector fills out the personalized online checklist and it is automatically forwarded to the main office for review.

# 04

Receive Your Inspection Report

After review in our office by management, the checklist is emailed to the client with the status of the home including temperature readings and a highlighted list of any issues or concerns, if any. If there are any URGENT problems, we will contact you immediately via phone.

Receive Your Inspection Report

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