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Details Matter: What Should Your South Florida Home Watch Service Report Contain?

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Owning a second home in beautiful South Florida is a treat. You can enjoy the luxury of sparkling, pristine beaches and year-round mild temperatures whenever you’re ready for a vacation in South Florida. However, you want to ensure your South Florida home is maintained during the times when you’re not there. It wouldn’t be much of a vacation if you arrived at your property only to discover that a leaky faucet had damaged your floor or someone had vandalized the property! That’s why Safe Home Watch is ideal for your home in South Florida. At Safe Home Watch, we ensure that your property is watched and cared for while you’re away; then, when you arrive for some rest, everything will be in perfect order.

What Should Home Watch Services Cover in South Florida?

You may be wondering:

  • Just what does Safe Home Management Watch do while you’re not there?

  • How far can we go to watch your home in South Florida?

  • Do they only watch the house — or are there more services available?

The great thing about Safe Home Management Home Watch & Home Concierge is our flexibility. We can do quite a bit to keep on top of all of your property’s needs and issues in South Florida. What if you prefer a minimal amount of service? We work with South Florida homeowners to provide as much or as little care as they need to protect your South Florida Dream! Let’s take a look at the main categories of what a reliable home watch service in South Florida should cover.

1. Your South Florida Property's Exterior

Your home watch professional should complete a thorough inspection of the outside of your home in South Florida. Key examples of what they should check on include:

  • Driveway and entryway: check the driveway and entryway for any newspapers, phone books, and/or packages — and bring them inside, if needed.

  • The exterior of the home: check the perimeter of the house for signs of storm damage or vandalism.

  • Windows and doors: make sure all the windows and doors are closed and locked.

  • The yard: ensure the lawn, shrubs, and trees look appropriate.

  • Garage: check the garage to make sure there isn't any storm damage, vandalism, or pest issues.

  • Pool or spa: If the property has a private pool or spa, then the pool pump will be assessed to ensure it’s in good working condition. An expert home watch service in South Florida will also inspect to make sure there are no abnormal sounds or water leaks, check the water level, and the cleanliness of any pools or spas.

2. The Interior of Your South Florida Vacation Home

When you work with Safe Home Management your dedicated South Florida home watch professional will also go inside your house and do some investigating to make sure your South Florida vacation home is in peak condition. Here are some crucial elements they'll inspect once inside:

  • Your A/C system: Your home watch professional in South Florida will ensure the thermostat is working correctly — they will also replace any batteries and air filters if needed. As a dedicated South Florida home watch service, we can even set your thermostat(s) and humidistat(s) to requested settings, if applicable. If you'd rather control your thermostats remotely, then no one will change the settings. They'll simply make sure the A/C is blowing cold air.

  • Breaker box: We'll inspect the breaker box for any tripped breakers and ensure the system is working correctly.

  • Water heater: As beautiful as the weather is in South Florida, ending the day with a relaxing bath isn't possible without a functioning water heater. When you work with Safe Home Management, we make sure the water heater is at the appropriate setting while you're away from South Florida: electric breakers should be flipped off while gas water heaters can be put on low, vacation, or pilot.

  • Sinks and tubs: Running water in all the sinks and tubs to make sure there are no problems is one way we keep a close eye on your South Florida vacation home. South Florida Home Watch goes the extra mile: we will also do a check on your sink disposal(s) and check for any leaks — property-wide.

  • Ice maker: Checking your ice maker is part of the Safe Home Watch commitment to attention to detail. We make sure the ice maker is off! Keeping your ice maker in good shape is necessary for the overall health of your freezer. A damaged ice maker can also put a damper on your vacation plans.

  • Toilets: Your home watch professional in South Florida will go through the house and flush all toilets to ensure the water doesn’t get stagnant. Also, if necessary, we'll do some light cleaning to remove water stains in the toilet bowl.

  • Doors and windows: We'll check to make sure all doors and windows in your South Florida home are closed and locked, and inspect interior locks for damage.

  • Ceilings: When it comes to storm season in South Florida, this is a big one. We'll check all the ceilings throughout the house, including the closets for visible water stains and/or leaks.

  • Mold inspection: Yep, we still get mold in South Florida. We'll check your South Florida vacation home for any visible signs of mold or unusual odors.

  • Insect and rodent inspection: A visual inspection of the property for signs of insect and rodent infestations makes certain your trip to paradise won't be shared with unwanted guests.

3. Extra Services for Peace of Mind

It’s always convenient to have a service that goes above and beyond when needed. When you're a thousand miles away from your slice of paradise, attention to detail can make the difference between a dream vacation and a nightmare.

  • A thorough vehicle check: if you have a vehicle in the garage that you would like checked, that’s no problem. We'll perform a visual inspection of the vehicle to make sure nothing looks amiss as well as check the battery maintainer. Additionally, your home watch professional in South Florida will even start up your vehicle if you'd like a performance report. Do you think your vehicle would benefit from a short drive around the block to keep it primed and ready for your next visit? That’s not a problem, either.

You may be wondering: what happens if something is out of order when Safe Home Management performs your house inspections in South Florida? We thoroughly document the issue, take pictures, and notify you promptly. If it’s something simple that we can correct on our own, we will! We know the peace of mind matters when it comes to your South Florida vacation home: when you work with Safe Home Management, your property is in good hands. If you own a vacation home in South Florida, then we’d love to hear from you. If you're curious about what level of service you can expect from us, contact us today!

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