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If You Answer NO to Any of These Questions, You Need to Reconsider Who is Watching Your Home in SFL

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Many people leave for the summer or long vacation and don't think in-depth enough about who they're asking to check on their home in South Florida. For some, it's not something they've ever really given critical thought to. For others who have had something go wrong, it's on the forefront of their mind.

Take this short quiz, you might just realize how much you're leaving to chance while you're away from your South Florida vacation home.
  1. Is the person/service watching your South Florida home stopping by on a biweekly basis (at the very least)?

  2. Is the person watching your home a trained hone watch professional in South Florida?

  3. Have they passed a criminal background check?

  4. Is the person/service watching your South Florida home insured for providing home watch services in South Florida? Contractor General Liability Insurance is not the same as Home Watch industry-specific insurance

  5. Do you receive any kind of report after your South Florida home is visited?

  6. Does the person watching your South Florida home live within 5 miles of your residence?

If you answered 'No' to any of these, you're not alone. The fact of the matter is many people hire illegitimate service providers in the Home Watch field. Unfortunately, and often is the case in unregulated industries, people offer services that they are not qualified for – leaving you, the homeowner, at risk. Doing your research is imperative when hiring someone to watch your home in South Florida while you're away. The responsibility and scope of the task are regularly underestimated, only to be realized on the distant back end of an unfortunate and costly issue discovered upon your return.

Contact us today at or 561.888.9860 to learn more about what you should be receiving from a South Florida home watch professional.

Visit our blog page for other helpful home watch tips for your South Florida vacation home.


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