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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Home Watch Services Company In Boca Raton.

When hiring a home watch company for your property in Boca Raton, it's important to ensure that your chosen service provider is up to the task and maintains optimal professionalism. Hiring the wrong home watch company means working with incompetent hands, putting your valuables at great risk.

On the other hand, when you hire a competent and reliable company to manage your property while you're away, it gets maximum protection and care, and you can feel at ease wherever you are, knowing your valuables are in trusted hands.

While every home watch company in Boca Raton claims to offer top-tier service, not all live up to their words. If you're considering hiring a home watch services company in Boca Raton, here are important questions you should ask them before striking a deal.

1. Is your home watch company bonded and insured?

The first thing to ask your potential home watch company is whether they're bonded and insured. As a homeowner, you want to ensure that you get the expected value for your financial investment in home watch services, which is why you should only hire a bonded and insured home inspection company.

Also, hiring a bonded and insured company protects you from any possible losses due to damage, theft, errors, or other failures of the service provider and holds the hired company responsible. While it's expected that none of these will happen, humans are prone to error, and you don't want to be paying for the mistakes of a company you hired to take care of your valuables if they fail to fulfill their duties.

2. How flexible is your schedule/availability?

Undoubtedly, good companies are always busy, and that includes a professional home watch services provider. However, the company you should hire must have a flexible schedule to cater to their customers' needs, especially in times of emergency.

You don't want to hire a home watch company that's unavailable to secure your Boca Raton property during a thunderstorm or protect it during an invasion attempt. Ask the potential company about their availability and whether they can take care of emergency cases or otherwise. Regardless of their track record and professional services, they're not the right person if they can't be available when you need them the most.

3. How much does your home watch service cost?

While this can be tricky, asking before starting the job is important to avoid any surprise bills. The purpose of this is not to choose the least costly company because they often wouldn't provide the quality protection you need for your valuables. Instead, you're asking to know how they price each of their services and whether there are additional charges for personalized services.

If you choose your watch company solely for its low price, you may end up disappointed with its unprofessional conduct and property mismanagement. Such companies usually beat down prices intentionally to attract clients since they know they can't compete with more expensive brands in terms of competence, professionalism, and reliability.

4. What exactly is included in your home watch service?

"Home watch" is a broad term that contains several services. It's essential to ask your potential home watch company so as to know exactly what you are paying for and define your expectations. Even if you have experience working with home watch companies in different locations, you should ask about the services whenever you want to hire a different company in a new location.

That said, home watch services typically include security checks, weather and water damage repairs, pest problems, upkeep of heating and cooling systems, plumbing maintenance, electrical system checks, pool, and landscape maintenance, weather monitoring and storm preparations, emergency response to alarm activations, and lastly, provision of access to your property for authorized third parties.

7. What are your acceptable payment methods?

Knowing this is important so you can conveniently pay your home watch service provider regardless of your location. You don't want to hire a company that offers payment methods that bring significant stress to you whenever you're out of town.

Lastly, since Florida records a lot of thunderstorms every year, it's vital to ask your to-be home watch company if they offer storm preparation and emergency call-outs. You want to hire a home watch company that can guarantee you peace of mind and proper protection of your property whenever a hurricane is on its way, and you are far away.

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