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How Vacation Home Watch Services Like Safe Home Management Keep Small Problems From Becoming Bigger

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

While you're away from your property, several problems can arise before you return. Although most of these will be minor problems, some may demand instant attention to fix, while others can wait until your return.

With you and your family far away from your vacation home, you can hardly know what's happening with your property. And even if you knew, it might be challenging traveling down there to quickly fix the problem due to your busy schedule or other reasons.

By working with professional vacation home watch services like Safe Home Management, all possible problems - minor or major - can get a timely response, preventing them from escalating to a more complex situation. Below are typical cases of how home watch services like Safe Home Management keep minor problems from becoming bigger.

1. Minor water leaks

Suppose there's a defective pipe causing water leaks in yo

ur home, and you're unaware or unavailable to attend to it. You might think this is a minor issue that can wait until you return. Unfortunately, with time, the water spreads across various parts of the home, causing structural damage.

Soon, you'd begin to have aesthetic damage like discoloration, staining, and streaks along the walls. The leaks start to ruin your walls and floors, swell up baseboards, or even enhance fungal growth, which can make you sick when you return. All these could have been avoided with quick detection and repair.

A professional vacation home watch company like Safe Home Management will prevent this minor issue from escalating to the above sceneries by they perform routine checks that help to detect any problem with your apartment and fix it promptly.

2. Storm preparation

Heavy weather can be dangerous, no doubt. But with caution and effective storm preparation, you're unlikely to record any major damage to your property. When you're far away and unable to take these simple precautions, the heavy winds can sweep around debris and other particles and cause damage to your roof tiles, windows, and other parts of your home. Also, your pool can overflow and cause damage to your walls and floors during heavy rainfall.

However, with Safe Home Management in charge of your property, these big issues can be avoided. Simple measures such as closing the shutters, eliminating debris and particles that can be tossed around by the wind, raising the plywood, protecting the windows, lowering the pool's water level, and so on can be taken.

3. Mold build-up

Generally speaking, molds are of different categories, and only one type is actually toxic. Nonetheless, all molds can potentially cause some kind of illness, especially for individuals with some underlying health issue or a weak immune system. Plus, many different species of molds can exist in the same place at the same time, so you may never know what you're dealing with.

While this is a minor issue, leaving the molds unattended for a long time can hurt the aesthetics of your building and lead to extra repair costs. More importantly, when you finally return to your vacation home, toxic molds might have already developed, and these categories can attack all kinds of people, even those with strong immunity.

With Safe Home Management in charge of your property, we will regularly inspect your home for obvious issues and take the right measures to thwart them before they become bigger.

4. Electrical problems

If there's an electrical problem with your wiring due to weather issues or your appliances, early detection can help restore normalcy in no time and with the least cost. On the other hand, if you're unaware and don't fix the problem because you're far away from your property, the situation might escalate and become a big issue.

Safe Home Management's routine inspection includes checks for electrical issues so as to fix them in the least time possible. As a result, the minor electrical issue is unlikely to grow bigger or cause any serious damage due to your unavailability.

5. Pest invasion

Finally, when your apartment remains unchecked for a long time, insects, rodents, and other pests begin to draw nearer to the building. With time, their numbers multiply, and they start creating a scene, destroying materials like doors, windows, furniture, and so on.

Such instances can be easily prevented by working with an experienced home watch company like Safe Home Management. They inspect your property for pest invasion and take proper pest control measures should there be any pests around. As a result, Safe Home Management can prevent small problems from becoming bigger and keep your home in the best condition while you're away.

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