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Home Watch Services and EV Maintenance for Absentee Homeowners in Boca Raton


When you're out of your South Florida home for an extended period, you want to ensure your Boca Raton holiday property stays in excellent condition until your return. Oftentimes, you would be away for months and need a trusted hand to keep your property(ies) safe and secure, including the Electric Vehicle parked in your garage.

What Could Go Wrong With Your EV

As more South Florida homeowners embrace eco-friendly automobiles, they're often left to deal with electric vehicle (EV) ownership nuances. For instance, if your EV isn't driven frequently enough, the battery will discharge, and in some cases, suffer permanent damage.

Plus, you may experience flat spots on your tires, among other possible problems. All these, undoubtedly, can affect your holiday experience as you may end up spending a huge percentage of your time fixing all that has gone wrong throughout the months instead of just sitting back and enjoying your vacation.

As a home watch company concerned with customer satisfaction and paving the way for memorable holiday experiences, Safe Home Management understands the need for EV maintenance as part of the comprehensive home watch service. We assist homeowners in maintaining their electric vehicles by providing specialized care and attention and offering a range of services that extend beyond traditional home monitoring. Here's how we watch your EV while you're away.

How Safe Home Management Care for Your EV While You Are Away

Monitoring and Maintenance of Charging Infrastructure

While most homeowners prefer to own their home charging stations for convenience and peace of mind, these stations require regular checks for optimal functionality. On top of our traditional home watch inspection checklist, we monitor your charging equipment and provide adequate maintenance while keeping your EV machine charged at recommended intervals.

Climate Protection

South Florida has one of the best climates, but temperatures can sometimes become extreme, especially during summer. EVs left unattended to during these times may suffer battery damage when the protective layer around the battery breaks down. Safe Home Management ensures that your EV is protected from temperature-related challenges by suggesting EV charging shelters for homeowners who own a charging station.

Routine Maintenance

Although EVs are made of significantly fewer moving parts than gasoline vehicles, they still require routine maintenance for users to enjoy proper functionality and a longer life span. We are partners with professional automotive technicians who can provide excellent maintenance services for your electric machine while you're away. From brakes inspection to the chassis components, your EV will be in perfect condition ready to get in motion whenever you return.

Lastly, in the event of an unforeseen circumstance that may threaten the safety of your EV, Safe Home Management can take swift action to safeguard your EV while you're away. Knowing you have a reliable and competent home watch service provider who will handle your valuables with utmost care can give you the peace of mind you need to stay productive while you're away.

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