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What Is a Home Watch Service?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

service can help you leave home with confidence.

A Common Misconception

Many South Florida homeowners assume that home watch services in South Florida only conduct exterior visual inspections or house sit while you’re away from town. This is a common misconception; however, South Florida home watch services can accomplish far more.

Unlike a neighborhood or hobby-type service, the individuals who conduct professional inspections of a home in South Florida for The Safe Home Management services have not only been extensively trained but possess licensing and insurance that allows them to practice. They are also fully bonded.

Training makes home watch professionals in South Florida able to handle any situation that may arise. Being fully bonded means that South Florida home watch professionals will treat your home in South Florida respectfully and with as much care as you do.

What The Concierge Service In South Florida Entails

Safe Home Management is a full-service home watch company in South Florida that utilizes a detailed checklist to ensure your home or property is fully and completely inspected while you’re away from SFL. Covering both the interior and exterior, our South Florida home watch checklist is extensive and includes a close examination of the following:

  • Pool or spa to ensure proper maintenance

  • Signs of trespassing, storm, or water damage

  • HVAC system condensation lines to confirm proper water flow

  • Freezers and refrigerators to confirm the proper temperature

  • Signs of unwanted pests

  • Washing machines, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and much more

You may have no choice but to leave your South Florida home in the middle of renovations and repairs. Where this is the case, Safe Home Management in South Florida can provide an even higher degree of security by managing the contractors who are working on your SFL property. In, addition, if you own a car, our car concierge service can also assist with monitoring and maintenance in the following ways:

  • Conducting pre-and post-storm inspections if parked outside

  • Checking tires for flat spots, electrical systems, and battery

  • Washing and detailing

Together, our wide range of services allows all of your property to be inspected, checked, and even cleaned while you’re away from South Florida.

We Prove Every Inspection

It’s one thing to hire a South Florida home watch company and expect them to visit and inspect your vacant home, but our services elevate the process by proving each and every visit. How do we accomplish this?

Our innovative system uses GPS and client-specific codes that can only be generated on your SFL property. We are proud to offer this type of GPS picture reporting to our clients.

Once your code has been activated, we generate a comprehensive report that includes our 60-point inspection list, and we send it directly to you.

Discover the Benefits of Working with Safe Home Management in South Florida

Safe Home Management is a family-owned and operated home watch business in South Florida. Our GPS-integrated picture reporting, along with our dedication, meticulousness, and reliability is what makes Safe Home Management the choice for so many homeowners in South Florida.

Our South Florida home watch service is highly recommended by our clients. If you wish to know more about our home watch, home concierge, and other services in South Florida, we welcome your enquiry. We invite you to visit our website for all the details and send us a message with any questions.

Visit our blog page for other interesting home watch tips for your South Florida property!


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