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Ring Camera Installation for Home and Vehicles Safety in Boca Raton – Safe Home Management

When it comes to home watch, one industry-leading device that expert home management service providers like Safe Home Management recommend for absentee homeowners is the "Ring camera." Packed with highly helpful security features, the Ring Camera is one device that can give Boca Raton absentee snowbirds peace of mind over their properties and vehicles.

Although the Ring Camera was previously launched for home watch purposes only, its vehicle security version, the Dashcam, which captures live feeds whether your vehicle is parked or on the go has now hit the market, offering investors top-tier security on their investment properties and automobiles.

Having installed and tested this Dashcam device in all our vehicles in Boca Raton, the home watch experts at Safe Home Management have exciting information to share with our old and new home watch clients in Boca Raton.

Some exciting features of the Ring Camera device include

Dual-Facing 1080p HD Cameras + Night Vision

Enjoy total visibility from filming the interior and exterior of your home & vehicle, making it easy to watch your fleet while you're away. No more putting the safety of your home or vehicle in the hands of luck as the Ring Camera lets you know everything that's happening within and around your properties whether it's daytime or night.

Besides offering protection for your property while you're away from Boca Raton, the dual-facing Ring Dashcam is also a helpful device when navigating the roads. With the rising statistics of accidents, car owners need every bit of evidence they can get to help them prove their innocence in the event of an accident.

Unlike other cameras, the Ring Dashcam has dual-facing features that show your situation and that of the oncoming vehicle. Thus, you can increase your chances of getting justice and avoid being wrongly blamed in any situation.

Motion Detection

Stay on top of happenings around your investment property and vehicles in Boca Raton with the Ring Camera's motion detection feature. Know who comes in or goes out of your home and who comes near your vehicle from wherever you are.

By simply installing the Ring Camera device in your home and car, you get to keep an eye on every strange movement around your vehicle or home before any serious damage can occur. This motion detection feature of the Ring Camera helps you stay ahead of any break-ins and unauthorized access to your property, thereby keeping them safe at all times.

Real-Time Notifications

When you install the Ring Camera device in your Boca Raton property, you get real-time alerts about movements or happenings around your property to help you notify security personnel on time to mitigate any potential risks from theft. This allows you to enjoy maximum protection and feel at ease from wherever you are, knowing that you have an effective device that sends instant notifications about the status of your Boca Raton property.

Live View + Two-Way Talk

What's more interesting than being able to view your home or vehicle in real-time to ascertain its security status while you're far away on a business trip or holiday? Alongside the home watch reports from Safe Home Management, with the Ring Camera, you can now get to see everything happening in and around your Boca Raton property in real time just to be sure.

Check your Boca Raton property's home environment and other details from the Ring Camera live feeds and also enjoy two-way communication, which allows you to not only see but also hear what's happening around your South Florida property.

Additionally, when our Boca Raton home watch professionals come around to inspect your property, you can communicate with them live and see how they keep your home in shape while you're away from town.

Other exciting features of the Ring Camera include

  • HD Recording

  • Audio + Video Privacy Cover

  • Security LED Lights

  • Wifi Connectivity

  • Traffic Stop

  • Anti-Tampering Recording

  • LTE Connectivity

  • GPS Locator

  • Cloud Highlights

  • Rich Notifications.

Final Notes

Having a Ring Camera will greatly help Boca Raton absentee house owners feel at ease about the security & safety of their homes and properties wherever they are.

Notably, at Safe Home Management, we have installed the Ring Dashcam in every one of our vehicles in Boca Raton and we only have positive things to say about this amazing device. We've tested it for a while now, and we have first-hand experience with its effectiveness and efficiency. And as a result, we have started recommending it to our home watch clients in Boca Raton for the additional safety of their properties.

Interestingly, many of our clients have granted us access to their Ring Camera live feeds. This allows us to perform a more efficient job of watching and monitoring their properties as we have access to real-time live feeds and get alerts when necessary. So if you're going to be away from Boca Raton, you can rest assured we'd respond to the notifications from your Ring Camera and address them by taking necessary security measures to keep your home and vehicle safe at all times.

Looking to get a Ring Camera or Ring Dashcam installed for your investment properties in Boca Raton?

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