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Beyond Property Management: Safe Home Management's Specialization in Electric Vehicle Support


As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, homeowners in Boca Raton and South Florida are embracing this eco-friendly mode of transportation. However, amidst the excitement of owning an EV, many overlook the challenges that come with maintaining these vehicles, especially when they are left unused for extended periods. Safe Home Management recognizes this need and has expanded its services to specialize in electric vehicle support for absentee homeowners, going beyond traditional property management to ensure the optimal care of EVs.

The Risk of Neglecting Electric Vehicles

Leaving an EV inactive for prolonged periods can lead to several issues that compromise its performance and longevity. Here are some of the risks associated with leaving EVs unused for extended periods:

1. Battery Degradation

Extended periods of inactivity can have detrimental effects on EV batteries, as they are sensitive to the lack of regular charging and discharging cycles. Without these cycles, irreversible degradation of the battery cells can occur, leading to diminished capacity and performance over time. Consequently, this degradation significantly impairs the driving range of the EV, thereby constraining its usability and overall efficiency.

2. Flat Tires

EVs left inactive are susceptible to tire deflation from prolonged pressure on the same spot, a condition that not only impedes vehicle mobility but also poses a risk of structural damage to the tires, necessitating potentially expensive replacements. Furthermore, flat tires compromise the safety of the vehicle, elevating the likelihood of accidents once the EV is back in operation.

Safe Home Management’s Specialization in Electric Vehicle Support

steering wheel

Safe Home Management understands the unique needs of Boca Raton absentee EV owners and has tailored its services to address them comprehensively. As part of our home watch offerings, we provide specialized support for EVs, including:

1. Regular Checks

Our team specializes in conducting regular checks tailored specifically for electric vehicles, ensuring that all components are operating smoothly and proactively identifying any potential issues at an early stage.

2. Proactive Measures to Prevent Common Issues

We implement proactive measures to mitigate common issues linked with leaving EVs unused for extended periods, which involves periodically running the vehicle for short intervals to uphold optimal functionality and prevent battery degradation.

3. Monitoring Battery Health

We diligently monitor the health of the EV's battery to prevent degradation and uphold optimal charge capacity. This proactive approach is instrumental in extending the lifespan of the battery and preserving the vehicle's overall performance.

4. Ensuring Tire Pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure is essential for ensuring optimal traction, handling, and overall vehicle safety. To uphold these standards, we conduct regular checks and adjustments to the tire pressure, thereby enhancing performance and preventing the formation of flat spots.

5. Running the Vehicle for Short Periods

Running the vehicle for brief intervals regularly serves to keep its components active and adequately lubricated, thereby reducing the likelihood of mechanical issues. This measure ensures that the EV maintains optimal conditions even when inactive for extended periods, safeguarding its overall performance and longevity for when you return to town.

Final Thoughts

In addition to our comprehensive home watch inspection checklist, Safe Home Management provides specialized support for EV owners. Moreover, we are dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship by offering referrals to clients interested in purchasing Tesla EV cars. By purchasing your new Tesla via this referral link created by Valery, one of Safe Home Managements' clients, you not only contribute to these initiatives but also receive a three-month free charging package at any supercharging in the world.

If you have questions about any of our home watch and property management services in Boca Raton and all of South Florida, click the button below to contact us. We're only your message away.



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